Foothills Industries is an economic development social enterprise Encircling, Encompassing and Enhancing the Lives of Individuals with Disabilities in McDowell County, North Carolina. 

The Staff of Foothills believes that focusing upon the "Ability" of individuals with Disabilities is the pathway to strengthening them as individuals and enhancing their lives. Our Staff is committed to serving the needs of all individuals at Foothills Industries as well as striving each day to serve their families and our Community as a whole.

We encourage you to contact the Staff at Foothills and get to know us.

Foothills Industries — "Producing Excellent Medical Products."

Staff Members and Responsibilities

Andrew Tye, CEO, Foothills Industries

Andrew Tye


Andrew is responsible for this entire social enterprise and reports to the Board of Directors.  He has been given authority to manage the day-to-day operations which includes a service sector serving over 180 individuals with various disabilities and a growing manufacturing sector providing quality products to many well known customers.

Nancy Moore, Director of Services, Foothills Industries

Nancy Moore

Director of Services

Nancy is responsible for the oversight of all of our rehabilitative programs.  She helps maintain national accreditation through CARF (Commission of Accreditation in Rehabilitation), as well as state licensure.  She maintains our Medicaid enrollment and monitoring from our Local Management Entities and handles many organizational administrative duties.

Ray Willis, Quality Manager, Foothills Industries

Ray Willis

Quality Manager

Ray is responsible for managing and maintaining the Quality Management System and meeting all regulatory requirements associated with ISO 13485 and FDA.

Janet Owen, Customer Service Representative, Foothills Industries

Janet Owens

Customer Service Representative

Janet is the chief liaison with all of our manufacturing customers.  She is our product specialist in medical components and oversees the Safety Program for the entire program.

Michelle Carr - Production Manager, Medical Manufacturing, Foothills Industries

Michelle Carr

Production Manager, Medical Manufacturing

Under Michelle's leadership, all aspects of the manufacturing process are maintained, including Safety, Quality, Deliveries, Personnel, and the adherence to all regulatory requirements.

Cindy Bird - Service Coordinator, Foothills Industries

Cindy Bird

Service Coordinator

Cindy works with North Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation to help place individuals with barriers to employment into competitive jobs in the community. Her responsibilities include evaluation, work adjustment, job coaching, community based assessment and follow-up.

Carla Allen - Pre-ETS Instructor, Foothills Industries Cole Martin, Pre-ETS Instructor, Foothills Industries  

Carla Allen and Cole Martin

Pre-ETS Instructors

Carla and Cole work with NC VR at McDowell High School to assist qualified students to focus on a vocational direction of their interest, offer instruction in self-advocacy and self-determination, job exploration counseling, work-based learning experiences, counseling on post-secondary educational programs, and workplace readiness training. The Pre-ETS program helps students to improve their knowledge of employment options related to their interests, college availability and their rights and responsibilities as an adult with disabilities in the workforce.

Kristie Harmon, Office Manager, Foothills Industries

Kristie Harmon

Office Manager

Kristie is known as the voice of Foothills with her receptionist’s duties. She oversees a host of office functions including accounts receivable, employee benefits, staff payroll and personnel records administration.

Jack Ellis, Bookkeeper, IT Support, Foothills Industries

Jack Ellis

Bookkeeper, IT Support

Jack is responsible for accounting and IT support.

Board of Directors

Foothills Industries is fortunate to have a very competent and dedicated Board of Directors.  This diverse group of talented individuals represents a broad section of our community and all have the common interest of wanting the best opportunities for Adults with Disabilities.




Ms. Joy Shuford
Retired Foothills Industries CEO

Vice President:

Ms. Amy Stroud
Human Resources Manager


Mr. Ken Burleson
Retired Manufacturing Manager

Board Members


Ms. Martha Jordan
Parent of Individual Served


Ms. Sarah Bright
Parent of Individual Served


Mr. John Cone
Manufacturing Engineer


Mr. Greg Decker
Industry Manufacturing


Mr. Harold Walker
Bank Executive


Mr. Steve Ward
Self Employed


Mr. Danny Willis
Manufacturing Industry


Foothills Industries of McDowell County, Inc.
300 Rockwell Drive
Marion, NC 28752 | 828-652-4088