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1 - Adult Day Vocational Program (ADVP) services


2 - Compensatory Education and Community Living Skills


3 - Paid Work Programs


4 - Community Alternative Program (CAP-IDD)


5 - Community Alternative Program (CAP-IDD)


6 - Compensatory Education and Adult Basic Education

Developmental Disabilities Services

Adult Day Vocational Program (ADVP)

The ADVP program provides organized developmental activities designed to prepare the individual to live and work as independently as possible.  ADVP offers a diverse variety of specific services and activities.  These include vocational evaluation and training, paid work, personal and community living skills development, adult basic education, and long-term support. The amount of time devoted to these areas varies considerably depending on the needs of those being served. In order to be eligible for ADVP, an individual must have a diagnosed developmental disability and must be 16 years of age or older.

Community Alternative Program (CAP-IDD)

The CAP-IDD service is a special Medicaid community care funding source designed to give persons with Intellectual Development Disabilities a cost-effective alternative to care in an intermediate care facility.  The goal is to allow individuals to return to and/or live in the community with as much independence as possible. The wide array of services and supports are designed to recognize the dignity of each individual and to enhance the quality of life, allowing each person to maximize independence, productivity, and talent according to his/her preferences. These individuals train with a staff member the entire day while at the program.

Compensatory Education and Adult Basic Education

McDowell Technical Community College supports staff positions who teach Compensatory Education classes at Foothills Industries. These teachers help trainees with all phases of learning from obtaining a GED to basic self-help, independence, and community living skills. These classes are open to eligible trainees who are enrolled for other services at FI.

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